Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chicken & Rice

53rd and 6th (Avenues of America)
New York, NY

I was introduced to 'Chicken & Rice' in November of 2005. It was 11 pm and my cousins came in home from work and said that they are in a mood for some Chicken & Rice. Just around mid-night we drove all the way from Long Island to the City!!. And to my surprise there was this insanely long line just for a $ 5 worth of aluminium plate which consisted of chicken, rice, pita bread and lots of white sauce and a bit of very spicy red sauce. As soon as I tasted it for the first time, I knew I would be coming to this place again and again and again...

Over a period of time the price went for $ 5 to $ 6, but the quantity and quality has never gone down. For all those who come from countries like India and pride themselves with the fact that they can eat very spicy food, believe me this is spicier than what you have ever had. Now a days instead of pouring the sauce onto the rice, this place offers the red as well as the white sauce in small plastic containers.

Its now growing and now has one cart which sells soda and water and another one across the 6th Av. on 53rd itself which sells chicken and rice. I have been referring to chicken all the time but they also sell lamb and a mix of lamb and chicken as well. The Gyros are filling too but I still prefer the chicken & rice.

bon appetite..

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